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We will adapt every lecture, workshop, and webinar to your organization, your team, and your specific needs to ensure the best results. 

 All lectures and workshops are also modified for online delivery. 

Lectures & Workshops: Services

How to make better decisions?


A transformative talk that will change the way you make decisions in work and life.

In this 75 minutes lecture, you will take a journey from old-school decision-making theories to new, practical, and unconventional techniques. This talk is suited to everyone who makes decisions, which is all of us, every day.

In the lecture, you will learn:

  • What are the classic and new decision-making theories, and how can we use them?

  • What are the most common biases in decision-making?

  • What role does intuition have?

  • What can we learn from the best athletes in the world?

And most importantly, what are the five golden rules of decision making and how to implement them in your day-to-day life.

Reserve this lecture to take your audience on a transformative journey with immediate impact.

Games Games Games


Everybody is talking about game theory, but have you played it?
This lecture doesn't explain Game-theory concepts. You play them!
It doesn't teach its application. You experience it!
In this interactive and engaging lecture, Raanan takes some of those games and plays them with the audience while adding In-game commentary and real-life examples.
The dynamic atmosphere creates a fun learning experience leaving the audience with new ideas that stays with them for a long time.
You will look at games differently after this lecture!
As this lecture is interactive, Raanan adapts it to the audience, its size, and your organization's needs. Inquire to learn more.

Just don't do it


This lecture was crowned as one of the most innovative in today's business world. The talk tries to tackle one of the biggest challenges of senior managers – when is the right time to be active and, more importantly, when is the right time to do nothing.
Based on Raanan Ph.D. research and the wisdom of many others, this lecture takes you on a journey. It starts at the ancient cultures of the far east, the cradle of the Wu-Wei concept. Visits soccer stadiums, America in the 1900s, and boardrooms of some of today's hottest start-up companies. En route transforming our thinking of action and inaction and leave you with practical lessons as well as food for thought.
This lecture is best suited for middle and senior-level management looking to expand their horizons. Still, it will be interesting, entertaining, and eye-opening to all audiences.

Daily strategic thinking


We all need to think strategically, we all want to think strategically, but we fail to do it most of the time. Our day-to-day tasks are hijacking our most valuable resource – time to think.
In this lecture, Raanan explores and explains his strategic thinking strategy. He introduces practical tools that will improve your strategic thinking in the day after while investing no more than half an hour a day.
The lecture introduces the BFD thinking principles, showing how to think strategically, phrase your thinking into actionable tasks, and implement it successfully.
Whether you are a senior executive or an aspiring new employee on the way up, you have to leverage your strategic thinking skills to the next level to climb up the ladder.
Based on his business and government experience, where he was learning from the best strategic thinkers. Raanan presents an educating, entertaining, and meaningful message that resonates with the audience, inspiring them to implement immediately.

Lectures & Workshops: Services

Decision making workshop


What is your team decision making styles?
How do you complement each other?
How should you make group decisions to achieve maximum results?
In this active workshop, we analyze the participants' decision-making style and the group decision-making style. We learn together what biases impact you and your team and how to maximize your overall decision-making quality.
The workshop is tailor-made to your team and your needs. It is best suited for working groups and mid-level managers who wish to improve their performance.
The workshop is usually a half-day workshop lasting about 4 hours. Upon request, it can be combined with an additional half-day of active training involving a custom made decision-making scenario that we simulate and analyze.

Biases at your service


This most-sought workshop is translated to sales and business results immediately
Before the workshop, we tailor the content to your sales and marketing needs, allowing for the workshop's maximum impact.
In the workshop, we combine your team's knowledge and experience with best practices in the field to harness the vast knowledge of behavioral economy fields to your needs. You will learn and then implement immediately using your organization's marketing materials, the lessons learned.
The workshop can be a half-day workshop to polish and improve your materials. It can be extended to a full-day, allowing time for simulations to your sales and marketing people.
This workshop translates to $$ in sales immediately while empowering and energizing your people.

Lectures & Workshops: Services
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