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Raanan helps organizations and senior-level executives, providing consulting services focused on improving decision making and strategic decisions. Raanan works in three models of consulting adapted to the needs of the organization and of C-level executives. 


A C.E.O job is very lonely. You make dozens of decisions a day, all of them are important and meaningful, and you make them alone. You feel the immense burden of responsibility, coupled with an infinite drive to success. At these points, you need a partner, someone who will listen to you and give you his insights while remaining discrete and unbiased. Raanan serves as a mentor, listener, and partner to senior executives at prominent organizations worldwide. Raanan combines his personal business experience, supreme cognitive skills, and his instilled discretion to become the person you want next to you in the crucial points. 


There are points that your organization needs to make an important strategic decision. A decision that will affect the organization's future for the years to come. You want to ensure that the process of decision-making will be optimal, encompassing all stakeholders and issues involved with this decision.

Raanan works closely with organizations at those strategic crossroads to support and structure the process while using best practices and methodologies. If this is one decision you cannot afford to make wrong, then you need someone next to you in the process. We will make sure your decision is optimal.  


Raanan is working with promising young executive talents promoting their strategic thinking and decision-making skills as part of their development into C-level executives. We build a tailored-made plan for each executive after analyzing his decision-making style, strategic thinking abilities, and the organization's needs. We work with every executive closely and methodically while ensuring concise communication with the organization's management.

If you see yourself as one of those promising talents, please contact us to check compatibility and our ability to leverage your career. 

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